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I'm Liana...


I've had a passion for organizing since childhood. I would rearrange my bedroom year after year and took great pride in having all my belongings fitted into perfect placement. That same joy transcended into adulthood to the dismay of my handy husband, who is often an unwitting accomplice to my many household Pinterest projects and renovations. 

I use my hands-on experience renovating, restoring, and renewing homes, to help others regain clarity and flow into their own homes. I took my experience as a business inventory specialist, and busy household manager and became a Professional Organizer in 2019 when I began helping individuals and entire families restore order and change within their own homes. Organizing induces an addictive feeling of accomplishment for myself and my clients alike. It's a new lease on life, both a physical, mental, and sometimes emotional process of rejuvenation. 

My clients would describe me as easy-going, friendly, and energetic. I love a good mess as much as I love a neat end result. Reconfiguring cluttered spaces into appealing and functional places lights my soul on fire. There's a certain focus and rhythm to the action of organizing that generates a newer, lighter transformative peacefulness into a home. 

Outside of organizing, I am a faithful Catholic on fire about my faith. It brings me great satisfaction and joy to help clients escape the bondage of materialism little by little or by leaps and bounds. We are all called to detach ourselves from this earthly life. What an honor it has been to use the gifts God gave me to help others recognize the fruits of the spirit beyond the fruits of the earth. Utilizing the gifts our great God has given me allows me to help others on a regular basis. I am grateful for the generosity of our Good Father. 


I especially love supporting local charities like the Saint Vincents DePaul Society & Community Cenoculo Homes. This career journey has opened many beautiful doors in my life. I sincerely thank each amazing individual who has come across my path, and thank you for letting me be a part of your journey as well. 

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