I'm Liana...


I've had a passion for organizing since childhood. I would rearrange my bedroom year after year and took great pride in having all my belongings fitted into perfect placement. That same joy transcended into adulthood to the dismay of my handy husband, who is often an unwitting accomplice to my many household Pinterest projects and renovations. 

I use my hands-on experience renovating, restoring, and renewing homes, to help others regain clarity and flow into their own homes. I took my experience as a business inventory specialist, and busy household manager and became a Professional Organizer certified by the American Society of Professional Organizers and trained beneath one of Philadephia's greatest organizers to date. 

Helping individuals and entire families restore order and change within their homes induces an addictive feeling of accomplishment for myself and my clients alike. It's a new lease on life, both a physical, mental, and sometimes emotional process of rejuvenation. 

My clients would describe me as easy-going, friendly, and energetic. I love a good mess as much as I love a neat end result. Reconfiguring cluttered spaces into appealing and functional places lights my soul on fire. There's a certain focus and rhythm to the action of organizing that generates a newer, lighter transformative energy into the home. 

Outside of organizing, I especially like scouring the aisles of Home Goods for treasures and traveling the country with my big, wild family, which includes my husband, our 3 children, 4 dogs, and orange tabby. 

Meet the  Team

Erin Moore

Erin is a former Jersey girl who made the wise decision to relocate her family to beautiful Saint Augustine a few years back. Here, she is able to enjoy exercising outdoors, often with a dog in tow, which keeps her in shape and ready to tackle any large unpacking project or garage rehab without even breaking a sweat! Erin is also a former 1st-grade teacher well known for keeping her children and classroom in tip-top order! Erin now shares her skills wrangling boxes, clothes & housewares with the wonderful Moss & Mint crew!

Aysia Jorgensen

Aysia has a knack for all things art and design. She enjoys meeting new people and lending a hand to those in need of direction and order. She is driven by creating beautiful and functional environments with a sense of practicality that spark joy on a daily basis. Transitioning from Wisconsin to 'the sunshine state' has allowed her to appreciate the ocean views, warm weather and friendly locals. Aysia is ready to roll up her sleeves and create order in your home with the Moss & Mint team!