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Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything confidential?

Absolutely. All the time. Every time. We adhere to a strict code of conduct that includes full confidentiality. We will never speak about your business or personal life during or after our service. Your home, your possessions, and your lifestyle are never for our judgment or release. For this reason, we do not include before or after photos of our sessions unless specifically agreed upon in writing. Car magnets used for advertising are removed before our consultation and at the time of your service.

Do you work with hoarders?

No, unfortunately, we do not specialize in extreme hoarding cases. However, we are here to help you navigate help towards a new lifestyle and can refer you to professional individuals who specialize in working with extreme hoarding habits. An in-home consultation is the best way to determine this. 

Will you take my trash and donations with you after the work session?

We will bring a reasonable amount of trash bags to your curb after an organizing session. We will also call for a charity pick-up, or haul a reasonable amount of donated items from you to be recycled to Goodwill or upcycled. For large donations, trash, boxing removal, or small furniture, we may enlist the help of our hauling service for an additional cost. 

Do I have to be home at the time of service?

That is totally up to you. Some clients like to be a part of the process, some prefer to leave it to the pros. After our initial consultation, we are happy to work independently. If you are unable to meet at the time of service, entry arrangements can be made prior to your appointed service. That includes leaving a house key at a designated location or with your door service. 


Do I need to have containers or accessories available?

We try our best to use what you have and repurpose what we can, however, it is extremely helpful to have containers and storage accessories available at your scheduled time of service. We will gladly offer a range of recommended items and favorites that our clients find helpful. We will gladly shop for you at a discounted hourly rate if it is more convenient for you. 

How can I help ready myself before my organizing session?

To help us work more efficiently, we ask that you readily have the storage accessories recommended during your initial consultation. Items such as large garbage bags, or contractor bags, extra hangers, or tubs are also helpful. Boxes, moving supplies, (such as tape, tape dispensers, packing materials) are also necessary for moving projects. We do come prepared with a label maker, tape measurers, Sharpies, and a drill. Our organizers are not required to clean, sanitize, or thoroughly clean households. A "Tidy-Up" hourly service is available at an additional cost.


Do you provide moving supplies for packing jobs? 


We do not provide boxes or packaging materials as we find that most of our clients have a more accurate sense of personal inventory and can better determine the types and sizes of boxes needed for packing. However, we are able to shop and pick up an order of packaging materials for an additional fee. We are also able to haul used boxes and trash after an unpacking job utilizing our hauling service (for an additional fee).

I am extremely unorganized. Will you pack up my things the way they are or organize them while you pack? 

That truly depends on your time and financial budget. While our organizers strive to pack in the most organized fashion, if some clients are extremely unorganized, it will take additional time for our organizers to thoroughly sort, purge and pack their belongings. effectively. With an open time frame and financial budget, our organizers are able to pack up your belongings in precise categories. However, if a client is short on time and working within a smaller budget, we will respectfully strive to do our best within those time margins and guidelines.

Can you help hang artwork or assemble shelving, closets, etc.?

We work closely with a trusted and insured handyman who can help with such small projects.

Will you make me get rid of things? 

Your property is yours to make decisions about and we will never bully, manipulate, or push you into getting rid of items that are important to you. While we generally believe that donating, purging, downsizing, and eliminating broken items, duplicates, and items that no longer serve you feels great, frees up space, and creates function, we ultimately want you to feel comfortable with the entire process, and with your decisions. We pledge to respect, and support your desire for order the best way that we can. If that means organizing all of which you have, we can do that too. 

How much will this cost?

Moss & Mint Homes offers 4, 6, 12, and 24-hour packages, often following a free 30-minute phone consultation and/or in-home consultation. In-home consultations outside of our 30-minute driving radius will be booked at an additional charge. Additional hours can be added to 6-hr sessions at a per diem rate. We find that most projects need at least 4 hours to create effective change, which is why sessions are all booked at a 4-hr minimum. Our professional recommendations depend on certain factors such as how much stuff, or how many rooms you would like us to organize, and how quickly you can make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments are made directly through our safe and secure online invoicing system and on-site through the credit card processing feature, Square. Venmo, PayPal, Cash, and Checks are also acceptable forms of payment. Written receipts can be given upon request. Returned checks are subject to a banking fee. 50% deposits must be made to secure an appointment. Balances are due immediately at the completion of service. Failure to pay the balance will result in a $20 daily late fee. Services are not subject to refund.

Which geographical areas do you service? Do you travel to other states? 

We regularly serve the greater Jacksonville area including Jax Beach, Saint Augustine, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Fleming Island, World Golf Village, Palm Coast, Crescent Beach, Saint Johns, Mandarin, Fruit Cove, Orange Park, Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach,  Flagler, and more. However, we occasionally service Gainesville, Ormond Beach, and Orlando. Traveling fees will be added to any location over 40 miles from Jacksonville. 

Liana McGinley is available for traveling projects outside of Florida. Full travel and accommodations must be paid for in full when booking a distance job.  

In addition, Liana McGinley is available for remote consulting projects. Please see fee list for more information.

Do you charge for travel?

We do not charge extra for travel if your residence or business is within the limits of the greater Jacksonville, FL working territories. (up to 40 mi.) However, we may be willing to travel depending on your consultation and needs, for an additional traveling fee.

Jobs booked outside of the city of Jacksonville may be subject to travel and accommodation requests, paid for in full by the client. 

Do you do DIY virtual organizing? 

Yes! Submit a contact form or contact us directly to further discuss your needs!

I’ve seen your normal hours of operation, but do you work evenings and weekends?

Our normal hours of operation are Monday - Friday 10 am- 6 pm. Though we may correspond between 9a.m-9p.m. In some cases, special accommodations can be arranged for evenings and weekends. 

How soon can I get someone to help me?

It is possible to get a next-day appointment, but in most cases, you’ll have to wait a few days or a week for an appointment. In the case that we are booked out, we will gladly put you on a cancellation list.  If we have a cancellation, you may get a same-day appointment.

Do you work alone or do you have assistants? 

Liana McGinley is available independently for general projects. When you book a session with Moss & Mint Homes, you are booking a session with the owner unless otherwise specified. For larger decluttering, packing, and unpacking projects, Moss & Mint Homes will recommend booking a 2 or 3-organizer package to increase efficiency. Extra organizers will be advised and managed in detail by Liana McGinley. 

I don’t allow shoes in the house, is this okay?

We will arrive with a second set of house shoes which your organizer will change into once they enter your home. We respect your property and do not wish to track anything unwanted into your home. However, while working in attics, garages, basements, or outdoor spaces, we may change into our outdoor shoes for our protection.  

Do you work with children and/or seniors?

We love to work with everyone, as everyone plays a very important role in home organization. Children can certainly help organize their special spaces and the family home. However, we will not work independently with children, and parents have to have an active role during each session.

Is it okay to have a pet in the home?

We love all animals! Cats can roam freely as they will, however, it is best to secure your dog after our initial greeting to avoid injury to the pet or person as we move throughout the house with sometimes cumbersome items. We also want to ensure that your animals remain safely secured in the home when we exit the premises to remove trash and donation bags. 

Are there any items you do not organize? 

Because of insurance policies, we do not organize firearms, prescription medications, and/or valuable jewelry.  

Can you help me stay organized?

Of course! Our goal is to jump-start a beneficial flow within your home. We love to get you started on this new lifestyle, and we are always here to help you spruce up your spaces regularly or as needed. But we also want to set you up for success with systems you can routinely manage and get your whole family involved with.


We are passionate about getting you organized, we are also passionate about helping you stay organized with effective systems and even tips and tricks in our monthly newsletter. Remember our commitment to non-judgment? Please, do not ever feel ashamed about asking us to come back in to re-organize your space as life remains busy, and help is once again needed

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