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Getting Started

Let's get started with a 30-minute phone call or video chat to discuss any questions or needs you may have. If you are short on time, an email or text message is always okay too. For consulting and remote space planning inquiries, please contact Liana McGinley directly at 609-233-4935 or by clicking the button below.  

What  Happens Next

After our phone consultation, I may schedule an appointment for an in-home or virtual consultation. This service is a great way to see your face and your space. This gives us the opportunity to get comfortable with one another, take a look around, and acquire all the information I will need to give you my best project estimate, planning ideas, and purchase suggestions. After our in-home consultation, I will contact you via email with your project plan, an honest estimate, and then coordinate a service date. Alternatively, in-home consultations are not always necessary. In some cases, pictures and video chats can give adequate insight. 


While all estimates are made with my best judgment, they are not time guarantees. The completion of an organizing project depends on varying factors such as the size of a room, the amount of organization needed, and the homeowner's ability to make timely decisions. Below are some general time budgets for on-site projects..  


Kitchen- 6-8 hours

Each bedroom- 8-10 hours

Closets- 6-10 hours

Office -6-8 hours

Basement/Garage- 8-10 hours

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