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What People Are Saying...

"Hiring Liana at Moss & Mint was by far the best investment I have made for my house and family in a long time! After downsizing to a smaller home, my family never found the time to put away all of our things and organize them neatly. Liana came into our home with zero judgement and worked along side of me to organize our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom closet. Liana took the time for a free consultation and listened to my goals/considered my lifestyle and the way that our household runs before coming back with detailed plans on how she could organize our space. She even came prepared with trash bags, small organizing containers, and labels. AND she took our bags of donations with her when she left and saved me the trip!! She is so amazing at what she does and her services were definitely worth the investment. I literally felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders by the time she left our home. On top of her organizational skills, Liana is so professional, personable, and kind. We look forward to having her come back to help us with our garage!"


-C. Boyle

"Life changing. Liana is a great communicator. She returned my first text immediately on a weekend. We scheduled from there. Major office organizing needed in the middle of a construction project. She did it all with a smile on her face. She made great suggestions on how to file content. Wish I could have her weekly! Would not hesitate to have her take over all tasks large and small. You will not be disappointed."


-V. Dickenson

"I’ve been suffering under the weight of too much stuff and clutter for too long and to have so much get organized in just one afternoon was fabulous! Liana was so helpful in getting me started and I’m looking forward to having her help me out with the rest of the house. Highly recommend this service!!!"


-E. Moore

"Working with Liana was great! She came over ready and excited to work. She was additionally prepared with a bunch of organizational supplies and ideas. I would definitely recommend her for any organizational project."

-B. Millian

"Most & Mint Homes helped me declutter one of my biggest challenges at home, my basement. It came to the point, where I couldn't go down there because the task seemed so overwhelming. I finally reached out to Liana for help, she came over and got to work immediately. She had a vision and tackled the very large basement in one day. She broke up the multiple spaces into functional areas and I no longer avoid the basement. She did an amazing job!"


-R. Singh

"I’ve never used this type of service and this was a fantastic experience. We initially went in with the intention of just organizing our dining room. It then blossomed into a much needed multi-room project. After living here for over 10 years, a new set of eyes used our underutilized storage spaces and closets. Our girls are now enjoying a fun new “art center” and have a cleaned up and organized playroom. Thank you Liana!! Wonderful!!!"

-C. Jakubowicz

"This experience was a surprise gifted to me by my husband but it was such a great experience! Liana is so professional, incorporated any of my preferences and was incredibly detailed and efficient. The end result was amazing. I cannot recommend her services enough!"


-C. Mann

"Highly recommend this business!!! You will be pleasantly surprised...Liana did a fantastic job from start to finish and she’s whipped our home into shape. She has a knack for improving and identifying the tiniest, most clutter-prone spaces into useful storage. Her fun-loving, yet meticulous attention to detail, thorough organizational skills and amazing customer service puts her at the top of the list and we will definitely recommend her talents. My house is different in a wonderful way and this service has surpassed my expectations. What surprises me most is how effortless it’s been to keep up, as everything is in working harmony now. Thank you Liana, for a job well done; you’ve really increased the tidiness and organization of my house and transformed the atmosphere of my space. Amazing!!!"

-P. Flatley

"Moss & Mint helped me see my areas of most disorganization and help the flow of my home to a peaceful place where every item has a home. Very friendly, no judgement at all, and so easy to talk to!"

-L. Snow

"Liana is a natural born organizer in all areas of the home. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable having her guide me on a path of deep organization! She has impacted my life for the better with her knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend her for all of your home organization needs."

-S. Nemtzov

"Lifesaver. We recently moved from California to Florida and had a very small window to get unpacked and be back to work. Liana and her team were so great from the start. Her communication and professionalism came through in our conversations and emails. She was always available to help me. She had great suggestions to help keep me organized. When we finally arrived and the truck unloaded Liana and her team were right there to help us unpack. They unpacked and organized every room in our house kitchen included. They even hung small pictures and suggested Decour items for each room from the stuff I had. They made moving less stressful for me. I don’t know what I would have done without Liana and her team of amazing super woman. I would recommend them to use and even if your not moving to help you get organized.

Thank you so much ladies!!!"

-Felicia Nigh

"Thanks to Moss and Mint Home organizing, they helped me de-clutter my living room. Without them, I would not have been able to see the potential of my living space. I am so grateful for the judgement-free assistance. I feel so much better that our living room looks and feels better. I look forward to working with them on other projects in the near future! Thank you so much!!"

-T. Battle

Liana and her colleague (Rekita) were extremely easy to work with. They were super helpful and sweet. They had all the tools they needed and transformed my kiddo's playroom and my kitchen in a few hours. I didn't feel judged at all and the whole process was stress-free. Highly recommend. Worth every penny!


-Vera Ma

"I cannot wait for Moss & Mint to come back to my place! My room and closet organization project was done with such great care, attention to detail, and space in mind. This professional company ruly has a sense for organization. I highly recommend!"


-Jessica M.

"I can't say enough about the services this company offers. Whatever you need them for, they're probably going to go above and beyond for you. She did an awesome last-minute packing job for me because I ran out of time and I, of course, have too much stuff. I wish I had more time for her to help me purge before my move. She labeled every box and kept everything organized as she packed. She's kind and encouraging during a stressful time- she even listened to me complaining about my moving issues. Thank you again for everything!

-LeAnn R.

5 Stars! -"Amazing! I wish I planned to have them help longer. Highly recommended for packing."
-Kurt A.

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