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Tending to Our Secret Gardens

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Organizing is a lot like tending to a garden. Through a rough season, or a little neglect, a garden can become an overgrown eyesore full of thorns, weeds, and pests. The same can happen to a closet, a room, or an entire house. Just like the weather, people go through seasons of their lives when more important matters must be tended to. Have you ever looked around, and wondered how the time slipped by, or how things ever got so out of hand?

Well, just like a garden can be resurrected into full glory, so can a closet, a room, and an entire household.

A professional organizer is similar to an expert gardener. An intuitive gardener can step into any lot of land and determine its full potential and utilization during the inspection. They will touch the soil beneath their feet, consider the sun and the shade, and get a feel for the landowners priorities and pleasures. They make recommendations, come up with a game plan, are inspired, roll up their sleeves, and get to work. An expert gardener comes alive and gets lost in their zone. They don’t mind the dirt so much, or the bugs or the temperature. They simply come prepared to handle the not-so-pretty aspects of gardening, keeping their hands in the mess, and their vision in their hearts. They develop a feel for the space, a connection to the energy around them, and work in union with the land before them.

They’ll weed, and they’ll dig, and they will make a bigger mess than what they started with. But they will do so without a drop of worry knowing that it is necessary to dig deep, to uproot the burdens that overpowered the beauty, knowing that is the healthiest path to change. And slowly and suddenly, you see the land before them begin to take shape. Borders are revealed, beds are created, pots contain wild beauty. Roots are planted, sections are formed, and before you know it, you’ve stepped into a natural sanctuary that welcomes new life, appreciation, and comfort.

Just like an expert gardener, a good organizer can cultivate and tame any wild territory. They too will survey, inspect, and project-plan. They will often be unphased by the clutter, the debris, or the personal elements. You may witness the method in their madness as they begin sorting, purging, and containing all of life’s little treasures collected along the way. Their favorite tools may be measuring tape, label makers, and hyacinth bins, but like the gardener, a professional organizer's greatest assets are their creative minds, intuition, and able hands. You will watch them roll up their sleeves, and dive right in, letting instinct take over. Slowly and suddenly, rooms begin to take shape. Baseboards are revealed, beds are decluttered, and baskets contain important possessions. Roots are planted, sections are formed, and before you know it, you’ve stepped into your restored home. A cozy sanctuary that welcomes new life, appreciation, and comfort.

"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden." -The Secret Garden

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