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School Bells Ring in Winds of Change

“School is a building which has four walls, with tomorrow inside”
-Lon Watters

Whether those four walls are part of a public school, private school, or your family home, school is finally upon us nationwide. First day jitters have come and gone for both children and parents alike. Supplies have been purchased and are awaiting usage, while young minds, like sponges, await absorption. America, it is going to be a great school year!

This school year will look a bit different for my family. We now have a driving junior in high school who is part of a local collegiate program which puts him on an accelerated pace to earn his associates degree by senior graduation. He is unbelievably mature for a young man his age, and does a wonderful job self-managing his academic studies with wrestling, and social time.

Our little girls are now in 5th and 2nd grade, and have begun their homeschool journey! Homeschooling is new for our family, and we feel very felicitous to be able to accommodate our younger children’s education in the comfort of our family home. Fortunately, my husband and I have the opportunity to work remotely on a regular basis. We also have the help of wonderful tutors who are able to jump in on complicated lessons, or when I am out doing the field work that I love so much!

Our situation is particularly unique because we are temporarily between two homes. We are selling our current home and looking forward to closing on our new house any day now. As with many families today, these uncertain and ever-changing times have caused unexpected delays, which have led us to pivot, and straighten course, just to pivot again. The start of our school year did not begin as planned. Homeschooling in our current house (with most of our possessions already packed) was not part of our original plan. Yet, we have made due with necessary adjustments and a flexible attitude. Portable supply caddies, and make-shift cabinets have been our saving grace.

For us, being uber organized allows us to enjoy the beginning of each new day with a smile and happy demeanor. Whether you homeschool or help manage your family's after school assignments, projects, sports, and clubs, being organized is key, I cannot stress that enough.

Setting up your classroom, or after school process, takes minimal effort, and can be rather fun. Organization should not be stressful, but a regular, implemented routine you and your children follow to ensure a non-stressful daily flow. Remember, maintaining that organizational system is not a single one man (or woman) effort, but best as a family affair. A quick, fun, and simple daily routine to close out each school day will leave all with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Practices such as material preparation, time blocking and schedule maintenance save time and increase productivity. For a student, parent, or instructor, having all coursework planned out ahead of schedule ensures success. Implementing a filing system for all due and completed assignments insures that assignments are turned in and recorded properly, which lessen dysfunction, anxiety and wasted effort. Organizational aides, such as caddies, cubbies, shelving, labels, planners, folder/file systems, family calendars, apps, collection baskets, Davinci frames, and more can make a world of difference when utilized properly.

Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and hacks for a successful school year! I am excited to show you all of my favorite products in the upcoming weeks. And of course, my team and I are always here to do it for you if that’s what serves your schedule and family best!




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